1) Who can participate in this “movement”?

anybody (who doesn’t spend for one day)


2) What does Buy Nothing Day emphasize?

(environmental and ethical) consequences of consumerism


3) What proportion of the natural resources do developed countries consume?



4) What is a preferred way of protecting the environment according to the text?

buying (consuming) less


5) What are the 3 main aims of the movement?

a) people consume less

b) recycle more

c) make companies be fair


6) Where does the ‘movement’ originate?



7) Why is it worth taking labour to developing countries?

a) cheap

b) no rules to protect workers


8) What is the challenge to supermarkets and big stores?

to remove unnecessary packaging


9) How can you help the success of Buy Nothing Day?

tell your friends / put up posters / don’t shop


10) Is it easy not to shop for a day? (Yes or No)