Kérdézzünk - gyakorlás

Ask questions about the underlined words.

E.g.:  I’m smoking a cigar in my armchair now. –  Where are you smoking now?

I smoke cigar. –  What do you smoke?


1. She has got a lot of money.


2. We get up at 10.


3. He goes to school on foot.


4. She can play tennis.


5. They always stop for coffee at eleven.


6. It is ten years old.


7. He watches TV in the evenings.


8. I slept in the living-room yesterday.


9. I’m going to bed because I’m tired.


10. He was dancing with me.


11. These roses are red.


12. There are not many flowers among the trees.


13. He has got a pencil in his hand.


14. Those plates were mine.


15. He seldom has lunch.


16. I’m reading a book.


17. My dog slept in the kitchen.


18. They are eating a sandwich now.


19. We went to work by tram.


20. She left the house at two.