Reported email

Reported Speech Practice

You have applied for a job at a children’s holiday camp. When you meet the organiser he asks the following questions:

nyelvtani segítség

  1. Are you married?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Which university are you studying at?
  4. Where do you come from?
  5. Have you worked with children before?
  6. What sports do you play?
  7. Will you work for at least two months?
  8. Can you start immediately?
  9. Do you need accommodation?
  10. Would you like any more information?


A friend of yours is also going to apply for a job at the same camp. Complete the email, telling him what questions you were asked.


Dear Peter,

Good luck with the job application! These are the things the organizer asked me about – he’ll probably ask you the same sorts of questions.

He asked me ______________ (1). He wanted to know ______________ (2), which university ______________ (3) at and where ______________ (4). Then he asked ______________ (5) and what sports ______________ (6).

He wanted to know ______________ (7) for at least two months and ______________ (8) immediately. He asked ______________ (9) accommodation and wondered ______________ (10) any more information.

Let me know how you get on!