Műveltetés az angolban - Causative Mood

Causative mood - Műveltető szerkezet

1.       Ha az elvégzett cselekvésen van a hangsúly:


+   tárgy  +  3. alak    (+  eszközhatározó)



Have something done (by somebody)

maid causative practice

Get something done (by somebody)


E.g.:  They have their house painted by Mr Brown.

Do you get the rooms cleaned?

He had a new suit made by his tailor.

They will have a house built next year.


2.    Ha a cselekvést végző személy lényeges:

have  +  aki a cselekvést végzi tárgy esetben  +  infinitive (to nélkül)  +  tárgy


have somebody do something


E.g.:  I have Jane clean the windows every month.

They had me type their letters.

Did you have Simon post your letter?

She has had him do her homework for one year.


3.    Ha valamilyen kényszer (belső vagy külső) áll fenn:

make   +   aki a cselekvést végzi tárgy esetben   +    infinitive (to nélkül)


make somebody do something

laugh causative practice


E.g.:  He made me laugh.

That old song always makes her cry.

They made him do the dirty work.

Travelling by boat always makes me sick.


Megjegyzés: Szenvedő szerkezetben megváltozik ez a műveltető szerkezet és infinitive helyett to+infinitive-et használunk.

E.g.: He was made to do the dirty work.


4.            Ha rábeszélünk, ráveszünk valakit a cselekvés elvégzésére:

get   +   aki a cselekvést végzi tárgy esetben   +   to + infinitive


get somebody to do something


E.g.:   You should get him to come with me.

I got him to go to the dentist.

Could you get them to give your money back?

We got Jack to join the group.



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