Defining clauses gap fill answer

There is only one Greek island where I have never been.

There is only one Greek island that/which/ - I have never visited.

What was the name of the person who/that bought your old car?

This is the last time when I go to this school.

I didn’t know what was so exciting about her.

This is the school which/that/- I used to go to.

There was nobody in the audience who/that laughed.

This is the street where/in which I live.

There is hardly a moment when I can have a rest.

This was the first car which/that/ - I drove.

He was the first man who/that landed on the moon.

She was the last student who/whom/that/- I asked.

In the whole book there was only one chapter which/that/- I was interested in.

It was 1965 when they started to build the new school.

Those are the people whose dog bit me.

There was only one painting which/that hadn’t been sold.

Do you know the girl who/that lives next door?

I can’t believe what you told me yesterday.

This is the cottage where/in which we slept on our holiday.