Feltételes mód gyakorlás - First Conditional - Answer


If you cut your hair on Good Friday you won’t have headaches that year.

If a mirror in the house falls and breaks by itself, someone in the house will die soon.

If your sole itches you will dance.

If your left palm itches, you will give money.

If your right palm itches you will get money.

If your left eye itches you will cry.

If your right eye itches you will laugh.

If you wash your face in the first snow you won’t have freckles.

If you inhale the breath of a horse you will stop coughing.

Your rheumatism will be cured if a bee stings you.

If a cat sneezes once it will rain.

If a cat sneezes three times the family will catch a cold.

If you kick a cat you will suffer from rheumatism.

If cats leave the house illness will come.

If you sit backwards on a donkey it will cure snakebites and toothache.

If you dream of fish someone you know will get pregnant.

If a flea bites you on the hand you will get a kiss or good news.

If a woman touches a frog she will be infertile.

If you rub hare's blood into your skin you won’t have freckles.

If you rub a wart with an apple and give the apple to a pig, the wart will disappear.