Utókérdések - Question tags

Question tags (Tail questions)


Positive sentence

Negative tag

You are fond of adventure films,

aren’t you?

I’m appropriately dressed,

aren’t I?

They like sitting in the first row,

don’t they?

You can find trailers on the internet,

can’t you?

You could lend me the soundtrack,

couldn’t you?

They have read the review,

haven’t they?

You will buy the tickets,

won’t you?

It was directed by Spielberg,

wasn’t it?

He watched the movie with subtitles,

didn’t he?

She would go to the concert,

wouldn’t she?


With “I am” we use “aren’t I” or “am I not”.


Negative sentence

Positive tag

You aren’t fond of adventure films,

are you?

I’m not appropriately dressed,

am I?

They don’t like sitting in the first row,

do they?

You can’t find trailers on the internet,

can you?

You couldn’t lend me the soundtrack,

could you?

They haven’t read the review,

have they?

You won’t buy the tickets,

will you?

It wasn’t directed by Spielberg,

was it?

He didn’t watch the movie with subtitles,

did he?

She wouldn’t go to the concert,

would she?


If we have a real question and we expect an answer the intonation of the question tag goes up.

→      ↓        →    ↑

I don’t remember what you said. You have seen that movie, haven’t you?


If we are sure and we don’t expect an answer but agreement the intonation goes down.

→      ↓        →    ↓

You know who the murderer is. You have seen this movie, haven’t you?


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