Reported Speech - Függőbeszéd gyakorlás

Írd újra a mondatokat függőbeszédet használva!

John asked Jenny, “Will you come to my party?”party

Jenny answered, “I will go if I don’t work.”

Sam asked, “Where is the information desk?”

The policeman said, “It’s on the next corner.”

Sally inquired, “Has anybody been injured?”

The nurse told her, “Only one man has minor injuries.”

The children asked, “Can we go to the skiing holiday alone?”

The parents told them, “You are too young to travel on your own.”

The boys asked, “What are you doing?”bike

I replied, “I’m repairing my bike as it went wrong.”

Her friend asked, “Who did you go out with last night?”

She said, “I watched a film with my friends.”

Jane asked, “How are you getting on with Jake?”

Liz said, “We have split up.”

Suzie asked, “When are you going to see Kate?”

Daniel said, “I’m going to meet her tonight.”

Mum asked, “What would you like for Xmas?”toy

The boy answered, “I’d like a toy soldier.”